Sunday, December 17, 2017

'Twas Getting Close to Christmas

                        'Twas getting close to Christmas, the  big night was nearing our fun could be seen in the moonlight shining. Snow  Angels made and snowmen  and women statues  washed in sparkles out my window this eve

The icicles were long and  oh so pretty, it made me wonder  how long they would last.  Sweet  paws and wags   filled our house with wonder knowing Santa Paws would soon be here.

We knew the fun with  stockings and furbabies   would be such a joy  to  discover.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Home Remedies, tried and True , more to come.

      Home Remedies  101

Although, nothing takes the place of a vet, these  home remedies will work till either you can get to a vet or if you may be lacking in the money.  (in between paydays is stressful)  We know an ear ache in your dogs can go from mild to OMGOSH in 1 day flat.......  

Coconut oil         ---   help everything from coat./skin/ and help clear ear infections.

When your dog is feeling under the weather, your vet should be the first person you call. Seemingly minor symptoms may be indicative of a serious underlying medical condition, in which case do-it-yourself remedies could be ineffective or cause more harm than good.

But if your dog has a minor ailment, such as dry skin or a mild upset stomach, some home remedies can be quite beneficial. Here are nine simple, vet-approved home remedies that can provide relief for your canine companion.

1. Vitamin E Oil for Healthy Skin

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight aging, says Dr. Judy Morgan, a holistic veterinarian based in New Jersey. (Antioxidants prevent free radical damage, which scientists believe contributes to aging.) While your dog couldn’t care less about maintaining her youthful glow, she can still benefit from Vitamin E oil. Morgan says it adds protection against UV radiation, which is especially beneficial if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors.

It can also be used to moisturize your companion’s dry skin. Morgan recommends massaging Vitamin E oil on your dog’s coat. “Vitamin E capsules can also be broken open and used on warts, calluses, or dry spots,” she says, adding that there is no cause for concern if your pet licks off the small amount of the oil.

2. Electrolyte-Replacing Liquids for Diarrhea

Flavorless electrolyte-replacing liquids (such as sports waters or pediatric drinks) not only help athletes to rehydrate and babies to recover from illness, but also can supply your sick pooch's body with much-needed fluid and electrolytes if he’s suffering through a bout of diarrhea.

“Dogs lose fluids and electrolytes when they have diarrhea, so offering them a drink that contains both can be appropriate, particularly if their appetite hasn’t fully returned to normal,” says Dr. Jennifer Coates, veterinary advisor with petMD.

Consult your veterinarian as to the appropriate dosage before giving these types of liquids to your dog and to determine whether additional treatment is necessary.

3. Yogurt for Dogs

Delicious, plain yogurt can be a healthy treat for your dog. The live probiotic organisms in the yogurt may also help keep the bacteria in your dog's intestines in balance, but “the canine digestive tract is not the same as ours,” Coates cautions. “There are better options out there that are made specifically for dogs.”

Probiotic supplements for dogs are widely available through veterinarians and over-the-counter. Coates recommends ones that are made by reputable companies and that have the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) seal on the label to ensure that you are purchasing a safe and effective product.

4. Chamomile Tea for Upset Stomach and Minor Irritation

Chamomile soothes the stomach by decreasing muscle spasms and cramps, Morgan says. “It also decreases inflammation of mucous membranes, so it decreases inflammation of the stomach and intestinal lining.” Chamomile tea can be added to your dog’s food or water bowl, or given by mouth with a syringe, she says.

Getting your dog to drink something new is not always easy, however, admits Dr. Patty Khuly, owner of Miami, Florida-based Sunset Animal Clinic. She primarily uses chamomile on dogs with minor rashes and irritations.

Khuly recommends brewing a strong chamomile tea, pouring it into a clean spray bottle, and letting it cool in the refrigerator. “Then, spray liberally onto red or raw skin for an immediate soothing effect—with no sting.”

5. Oatmeal for Itchy Skin

If you’ve had the chicken pox, you may have taken an oatmeal bath to soothe your itchy skin. “Oatmeal contains chemicals called avenanthramides and phenols, which have anti-inflammatory properties,” Morgan explains.

Pets with skin allergies and superficial infections get immediate relief from oatmeal, says Khuly, who is a general veterinary practitioner. “It’s especially helpful for dogs with really itchy feet. Plus, it’s 100 percent non-toxic and delicious, too.”

To create your own remedy, Morgan suggests grinding the oatmeal to a fine powder and mixing it with water to apply as a poultice (drying agent) on hot spots or inflamed areas. If your dog tolerates baths, you can add the oatmeal formula to warm water, and let your dog soak for five to 10 minutes.


6. Epsom Salts for Wounds

You might use magnesium-rich Epsom salts to relieve sore muscles. They have anti-inflammatory properties and are also useful for soaking and cleaning wounds, Morgan says. “They cause abscesses to open and drain, relieving pressure in the wound and allowing healing. We use these a lot for soaking feet of horses and also dogs with inter-digital sores.”

To create a soak for your dog, Morgan advises mixing the Epsom salts with warm water and applying the soak on your dog for five to 10 minutes, three times a day.

7. Oils for Flea Prevention

If you are reluctant to use conventional flea prevention products, you might have looked into natural options. “There are a lot of recipes out there—some good, some bad,” Morgan says. Essential oils can be very effective, she says, “but must be diluted so they do not cause harm to the animal.” (Note: Some oils that are safe for dogs may be toxic for cats. Check the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control for guidance and consult with your veterinarian.)

Morgan likes coconut oil, which you can either give your dog orally or apply externally on his coat. “The higher the lauric acid content in the oil, the more effective it will be,” she says. “Many inferior coconut oils have very low lauric acid content.” Coconut oil can also be used as a carrier oil for essential oils.

After using a flea comb daily to help remove fleas from a dog’s coat, Integrative Veterinarian Dr. Carol Osborne recommends bathing your canine companion with a natural pet flea shampoo. “Start, for example, with a pint of organic oatmeal shampoo, and then add two tablespoons of either neem or tea tree oil, shake well and begin bathing. Pets may be bathed weekly or as needed.” Keep in mind that improper dilutions of tea tree oil and other essential oils can be toxic for pets, so consult with your veterinarian first. And while natural options like these may help repel fleas, they are unlikely to solve a full-blown infestation on their own.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, and Dishwashing Liquid for Deodorizing

Aside from the redness, swelling, sneezing, and other symptoms a skunk encounter can create for your dog, is the offensive smell. A de-skunking remedy Khuly suggests is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid, which she says works on skunked fur and everything the skunked fur has contact with. Mix four cups of hydrogen peroxide with one-third cup baking soda and a small squirt of dishwashing liquid, and apply it liberally to your pet’s coat, she says. Rinse well after about five minutes and repeat if necessary.

While it’s not the most glamorous topic, this solution also works well for stinky anal glands, Khuly says.

9. Licorice Root for Itchiness

No, this is not the same as the licorice candy you eat. Licorice root is actually a form of cortisone, and cortisone relieves skin irritation and reduces the urge to scratch, says Osborne, who practices in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

You may see bottles of licorice root in stores that sell health products. Pet supply stores also offer licorice products formulated for dogs. Some dog-specific products designed to treat allergy symptoms in dogs may also include licorice root.

If you’ve given your dog a flea bath and dip and she’s still itchy, Osborne suggests the following herbal, home remedy: “Take five drops of licorice root, five drops of dandelion root, and five drops of cat’s claw. Mix all three together and give five drops of the final solution to your canine by mouth, once daily for 14 days in a row.”

“Since cortisone is a type of steroid, it’s important to talk to your veterinarian before giving these products to your dog to prevent any potential cross reactions and/or side effects with any other medications your pet may be taking,” Osborne advises. Also, some licorice root formulations have been associated with low blood potassium levels, muscle breakdown, and kidney damage. Make sure you are working with a veterinarian who is well-trained in holistic medicine before you reach for any herbal remedy.

Baking soda, dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide, and chamomile tea are a few items you may keep in your home that can also double as home remedies for your dog. Remember to first talk to your vet about any unusual symptoms your dog has and whether these products are appropriate for her situation. Taking away your canine companion’s discomfort may already be well within your reach.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Here are a few  pics we just love!                  How About You?


This is a list of Vegetables and fun people food that is safe

Hi there!

Spunky here with the latest in nutrition for my furbling friends that  may need a hand at what they can beg for! BOL...

 W e love our veggies now. No we are not vegetarians although I hear through the barkvine some have turned! Wowsers what a leap off the menu they took, buts I hear they are healthy so three barks fur them.


10 Best Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs

Dogs Like Veggies, Too

If you’re on the lookout for new and fun ways to rev up your furry best friend’s diet, adding fruits & vegetables can be a really healthy way to do that. Of course, certain ones are better for your dog than others. Check out the 10 best fruits & vegetables for dogs, and consider adding them to your own dog’s meal routine.
1 of 11

We know fruits and vegetables are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. We know they perform wonders for the body. But do they offer the same benefits to our dogs?
Certain fruits and vegetables are definitely more suitable for dogs than others. (And some should absolutely be avoided—a few of those are mentioned here.) Research is mixed as to whether your dog needs veggies and fruits, but some promising studies have shown that supplementing with certain vegetables, in particular, is good for your dog. This study showed a reduced rate of cancer in Scottish terriers that ate leafy greens three times a week, for instance.
We’ve put together a list of the best, most nutritious and suitable fruits and veggies for your pet. These can help with stomach upset, freshen the breath, boost immune and heart health, and tidy up the digestive tract.

Tips for Serving Fruits and Veggies to Your Dog

Serve fruits and vegetables only periodically, and in small quantities. In general, they should be a small portion of a dog’s diet.
  • Watch sugar content: Fruits contain a lot of sugar, so keep quantities small.
  • High fiber: Fiber is a good thing, and most fruits and vegetables are also high in fiber. However, too much can lead to diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Check for reactions: Always keep an eye on your dog after introducing a new ingredient into her diet.

1. Apples

Flickr / @Linh Nguyen
Apples contain antioxidants, dietary fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Some dogs will enjoy their crunchy texture (almost like a chew toy!). They help freshen doggy breath and improve dental hygiene. With their fibrous insides, they’re a bit like all-natural denta-bones. But be sure to wash and slice apples before serving, and remove the core and seeds, which contain trace amounts of cyanide. You can also add a bit of peanut butter if your dog is reluctant to give the fruit a try at first.

2. Bananas

Like apples, bananas are a great source of dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B6 and C. Be sure to peel bananas before serving. You can slice and serve them as treats or mash them and add them to your dog’s food. No more than half a banana is suitable for a medium-sized dog. You can also mash a banana, squish it inside a Kong toy, and freeze it before sharing to give your dog a tasty project on a hot a summer day.

3. Blueberries

Blueberries are a good source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C, which boost a dog’s digestive and immune systems, and help maintain healthy brain function. Share just two or three frozen or fresh blueberries periodically.

4. Brussels Sprouts

Flickr / @Allison H.
Brussels sprouts are rich in fiber and antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation in the body and improve overall blood circulation. They’re also loaded with vitamins. Brussels sprouts are good for cleaning out the colon and improving digestive health, but they also make dogs a bit gassy. Serve only one to three sprouts at a time, depending on the size of your dog. Make sure to remove the hard, nubby stem and slice each sprout in half. Cook plain before serving.

5. Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe contains vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, folic acid, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. All of these good things, taken together, benefit your dog’s eyes and fur, decrease inflammation in the body, and improve digestive health. Be sure to remove the rind and seeds before sharing and offer only a few bites of cantaloupe periodically.

6. Carrots

Carrots are a healthy snack for humans and dogs, and a great substitute for traditional dog treats. They’re low in calories, high in fiber, and an excellent source of vitamin A and potassium. You can share plain, cooked carrots by adding them to your dog’s usual bowl of food, or share raw carrots periodically as a snack. Make sure the carrot stick is cut into manageable chunks to prevent choking. Frozen carrots (sliced or diced) can help teething puppies soothe their gums.

7. Green Beans

Green beans are an excellent source of fiber, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. The fiber in green beans will help your dog feel full longer without piling on unnecessary calories. Dogs will enjoy eating cooked or fresh (not canned) green beans as a snack or treat, added to wet food, or as part of a homemade meal containing other healthy ingredients

8. Pumpkin

Flickr / @PIVISO
Pumpkin is high in fiber and does wonders for the digestive system. It’s rich in fatty acids, which are good for the skin and fur. Pumpkin also contains beta-carotene, antioxidants, and tons of healthy minerals. Be sure to serve canned pumpkin (not raw, sweetened, or spiced). Add a tablespoon to your dog’s usual meal. You can freeze excess pumpkin in ice trays, then thaw and serve as needed.

9. Spinach

This leafy green vegetable is loaded with nutritional benefits for humans and dogs. Spinach contains vitamins A, B, C, and K, as well as calcium, iron, fiber, manganese, folate, and potassium. It boosts the immune system, heart health, energy levels, and vitality. Offer your dog blandly cooked spinach (no butter, onions, garlic, salt, or pepper), and be sure to chop the leaves well before sharing. It also helps to incorporate spinach into your dog’s usual meal (rather than serving on its own) so it’s easier to chew and swallow.

10. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, and they contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, several beneficial minerals, and beta carotene, which is thought to help protect against cancer and heart disease. Add a teaspoon (for small dogs) to a tablespoon (for large dogs) of steamed or boiled sweet potatoes to your pet’s usual bowl of food. Make sure to avoid candied yams, which are high in sugar.

11. Watermelon

Flickr / @Blue Amrich
A watermelon is like a giant health-bomb! It’s low in calories and packed with nutrients, like potassium, beta carotene, and magnesium. It also contains vitamins A, B6, and C, and helps boost immune system health. Be sure to remove the watermelon’s seeds before sharing and don’t offer your dog the rind, which is difficult to chew and digest.



Saturday, April 9, 2016

We have missed you all and had just a busy year so far!

Yes, that is me Cinnamon. My    condition has gotten worse and I don't always  have to wear this cone of shame but mom and dad   will make an appointment  for me at the new Vet. It is a skin condition, but I also pull out my hair.
I have a  baby shirt I wear underneath   my halter.   I also have a nervous habit. That is where the pulling of the hair comes in.

Anyway, I love to be held as mom  does things or sits, basically I love being pampered.
                                                   (what, what..... I'm up?!)

O...k. hey...    wow dozed off there for a bit. I am doing great.  I love playing with  my fur  family and
playing with mom.    Mom is feeling better too.   Oh I am 56.00 pounds now!!  The new vet  said yes I am the other breed  Blue Lacy. but also Pitt Bull.    I think I  am supposed to help represent the goodness of the breed.

Mom has used my shampoos(medicated on Cinnamon  it helps, but not all the time.)   The other vet said it's a condition he'll have for life. And he has Luxating Patella: A Knee Problem in Dogs .

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Happy fall from Texas  Ya'll!

Spunky here,

It's November, the grass is  the greenest its been  all summer!   It's fun to play in ,unless    it is wet.

We have birds, and squirrels all over.   So fun to chase.     I cut and chase and have so much fun.

I'm 56 pounds now.  Casper , he's doing fine. Mr. Cinnamon, well he thinks he's as  big as we are when it comes to playing.

We do love to play and chase each other.

Mom is doing her chores and taking   care to make sure  our jackets and sweaters are washed. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Is this wint...

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Is this wint...: The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Is this winter? : Oh we have had NO snow here in our area. north ,south and west.  Mom finds it comple...

Spunky Traced her Breed

Well o.k. I  had sum help  from mom! O.k.,o.k, a lot of help.... jeeeshhh!

 Well drumroll......... I'm a Blue Lacy!  It is    A Texas based breed from what  we could tell and my goodness,    it explains my herding traits and   protectiveness.    Yup that's me....

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Is this winter?

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Is this winter?: Oh we have had NO snow here in our area. north ,south and west.  Mom finds it completely un-winter like even our temperatures have been odd....

Is this winter?

Oh we have had NO snow here in our area. north ,south and west.  Mom finds it completely un-winter like even our temperatures have been odd.

Mom loves cold and so do we, great for warm snuggling and  Casper, being the snow pup he is, loovvees it! 

Anyway , we are still waiting for a real cold  snap and snow that  makes it to the  ground.I t is so much fun to play  in also!

We all had baffs tonight.  And are sleeping on clean ,fresh out of the dryer blankets....  all there is left to say is... Ahhhh....

A very Busy Year.......

hello everyone. We are back, so  missing  all our friends and their adventures.    Well  we made mom promise not to let things get so out of whack again .

We have a new  roommate....  his name is    Cinnamon.     He is a Toy Pomeranian.

He runs with us and  plays tug of war with us.  He had been abandoned and was running the streets, mom  and dad could not stand it anymore and they  took him in....and so th,like they say the rest is history.

He has been with us  a little over 2 weeks now. He weighs  between 3-5 pounds.

                                Our Christmas pictures........


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oh My Dogness!

Mom has been either sick or tired or busy or all THREE.!!!

We finally put our paws down and demanded  more dogatary time from her. I mean, what are we paying her for anyway?  All those pup snacks ....hmmm?

Anyway, back to us!   We've been sorely missing our furiends and sure do  want to start reading  all their adventures again!     Mom has new pics but they are on her phone and she can't email them to herself!     Guess she will have to get out the camera.

That's it for now.  the design part was takin an awful lot of time to load..... geeesh, I wonder how many hamsters are turning the wheel?!   Kidding, just kidding(kind of )!!!!  BOL......

Friday, June 13, 2014

Protective birds

There are some birds nesting  in our trees now that mom could not get a picture of . They like  the shade and the big trees and the birdfeeder mom hung up(she keeps it well supplied)

They are usually such a tranquil  amusement but yesterday we were shocked! A cat went down the sidewalk, kitty central as we like to call it and  boom out of nowhere this bird came down and attacked it. Swooped right down and grabbed at the kitty's back  it did. It looked like he was trying to carry it off.

Well we had never seen anything like this and Tigger was  so sad for the kitty but the outside kitty just kept on walking . We look outside everyday ,it's kind of like t.v. in 3d,bol....

             Mom says the mama birds have nests and  they are protecting them.  We hope the baby birds will be alright.

That's it for now,
till later everybody!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Beautiful Day

It s sunny today  no rain!    All the birds are out especially  because we  have the bird feeder in the tree.

There was a cat that went up the tree the birds are at.  We hope all the birds are o.k.  Mom never saw the cat again but we wanted to get him .

There are also a lot o things blooming, like our hedges  in the front yard ,which brings me to our other issue . Mom get rid of the bees! Every time  this year boy oh boy the bees come to the hedge. I guess it tastes good.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Fort Hood is in Our Prayers

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Fort Hood is in Our Prayers:                              our Prayers go out to the soldiers and families at Fort Hood  tonight as we hear constant updates of the horror...

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Fort Hood is in Our Prayers

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Fort Hood is in Our Prayers

Fort Hood is in Our Prayers

                             our Prayers go out to the soldiers and families at Fort Hood  tonight as we hear constant updates of the horror and multiple deaths and multiple injuries. 

The whole story is still unfolding but  we pray  our friend and others are safe.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Our Fun filled weekend (well almost all )

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Our Fun filled weekend (well almost all ):                   We watched mom mow after an early breakfast. We were totally ready for the super weekend. The sun was shining and it was n...

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: A new picture of Tigger !

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: A new picture of Tigger !:                                                     yawning after playing all day!

A new picture of Tigger !

                                                    yawning after playing all day!

Our Fun filled weekend (well almost all )

                  We watched mom mow after an early breakfast. We were totally ready for the super weekend. The sun was shining and it was not to cold or too hot.(I know, I know too much like Goldilocks)But it was   great. especially that Saturday morning.

                   The Grass was getting tall so mom decided to mow and we watched from our doghouse roof!
We love the smell of fresh grass then playing in it. Well its just a bonus.


                                                         Supervising is  fun!

                                                   Are you done yet mom? We want to play!

Mom  took us for many walks around here and never have been  scared of anything, but this weekend was  different.
There are 3 dogs that kill other dogs in the neighborhood but Animal control is not  doing ANYTHING about.

We had only seen one of the bully dogs to date and mom did not know there were 3, She does now.
The started following mom, yup, just popped out of nowhere ,all three this time.

These were the dogs that almost killed the neighbors dog, didn't  let loose till was went after with a shovel.

Mom blames the owners, not the dogs. Since mom does not want to keep denying us our walks  she will buy  pepper spray.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Our first part of the day today was at the nice ...

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: Our first part of the day today was at the nice ...: Mom doesn't have any pictures of today but is was fantastic. It started out getting up early and going to  the vet!  But I didn't ge...

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: The rest of our day in this spring like weather

The Three Musketeers And Tigger Too!: The rest of our day in this spring like weather: We  are going to post  about our super fun day before our diet. We went for at least 6 walks today. one was at night, which mom usually do...

The rest of our day in this spring like weather

We  are going to post  about our super fun day before our diet.

We went for at least 6 walks today. one was at night, which mom usually doesn't do. Anyway we got to meet everyone that was out. mom said hi, they were really saying hello to us but we didn't want to have to tell her that.

There is a new lady moving in across from us.  She seems nice.  We saw other dogs in their fenced yard,  they were barking, but couldn't get us.
Mom was looking for the mean strays. They scare her and she doesn't want us to fight.

we got to go to the garage sale down the street, there were no doggy things there and the garage wasn't for sale. hummpphh.... I don't know what all the fuss is about . After a bunch of long walks  mom and us too a nap, we felt bad for her. Plus we needed her rested for more play and more walks...

She woke up had some coffee  her and dad made our dinner , fish, sweet potato and skinless mashed up steamed carrots and broccoli.

Then we went for ANOTHER walk. Now we are napping so we can play later. Dad is bound to bring something good home from the store!
Till later pals!!!!  The Diet will come later tonight. Mom says she is hungry.

Our first part of the day today was at the nice vets office!

Mom doesn't have any pictures of today but is was fantastic. It started out getting up early and going to  the vet!  But I didn't get sick  because I wasn't as nervous in the car because Casper was with me.

He kept trying to get up in the seat with mom. I knew better. Then dad opened the sunroof! 

Anyways , back at the nice lady vet place. We were going to get our nails clipped(They do a much better job than mom) and quicker too!

We weigh both  about 49 pounds  each. All muscle. no fat. The vet said she couldn't believe how good I looked and how much fur had grown in.  She said the one spot on my back that is darker than the rest and not as much fur is a scar from when I had all the skin problems. But I'm looking good they said.
Mom was so proud. She told her about the diet I'm on(and Casper too) And The Topical flea medicine. The Vet was impressed . She also said I might have outgrown my breakout  period and I might ,just might have grown  enough older for it not to happen again. oh no more dips either.

Casper was gushed over too, they said his fur looked more like his daddies ,Aregon. And it was so soft they said keep up the good work to mom and dad. I am still on my antibiotics and my medicated baffs. I think I always will be. Mom will post our diet later.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our dear friend Angel Bosco

We  miss you Bosco and our heart breaks  at this difficult time.  Your love and generosity is endless as you love  with no boundaries you watch over you family tirelessly and help others around you with nothing asked in return.

                                              In Memory Of You Dear Friend

Leave A Comment | 2 people already have ] We thought that we would have to get spunky dipped for the rest of her life. When we found her, she was near death. To make a long story short she is the miracle that almost didn't happen.
After three years of dips and scrapes and baths(medicated) She was not getting any better. Her immune system was almost non existent.
We met some people on line that helped us with her diet. Oh it started out simple, salmon oil, Omega 3 she was holding her own but her skin was like leather and fur almost non existent. That is when we found out about the foods everything from fish to vegetables that help build up immune systems like hers and promote healthy skin and regrowth of hair.
We use the fish at least 3 times a week. steamed carrots and broccoli. I then lend the broccoli and carrots and blend/mix them with her sweet potato. The vitamin enriched foods give her ample fire power to help eat this disease down.
I will post more later, listing the foods and benefits. how to's and more.

A Furtastic Birthday

March 3rd 2014 6:44 am
[ Leave A Comment | 2 people already have ] I had a super furtastic birthday everyfur! Thank you for all your presents and well wishes. Not only am I older, I am healthier! Yup, mom can actually measure my fur now. And I have fur everywhere. No bald spots.

As I type this I am looking out at the snow but It is not fun like usual because it is so cold! On that note we hope all the pups are staying safe these hard weeks of winter.

About getting healthier, my diet has changed totally, and I am growing by leaps and bounds. Casper and I know eat fish, sweet potato and skinless mushed carrots and broccoli, and rice with turkey with our veggies.
We have both been on this diet for a month now and wowser do I look better and feel better. We also eat dog food but not as much.

I do not have to get dipped anymore(crossing paws it stays that way)
but I still take my antibiotics. My paws are almost healed up(they do not stay swelled) anymore. but I still get my paw baffs and my medicated baffs.

I want to thank everyfur for their love and prayers for me as they and not just the diet is working.

For the beautiful rosettes we'd like to thank,

Hershey, Kaci, Angel Bosco and Angel Bailey" A beautiful heart
Bama Babies A beautiful rose(and song)
Hershey and Winkie A beautiful snowman

Abbie and Family A beautiful rose

Oreo & The Bush Furs" A beautiful rose
The family of Joey, Ulli (Forever in our hearts), Frank and Buddha

A beautiful and nummy cake!
Hershey and family A fleur de-lis

More update later,
I loves you all!

A Furtastic Day -take two

January 9th 2014 2:58 am
[ Leave A Comment ] I had a furtastic day . Thank you everyone. I received comments and rosettes and a big rossete!

I would like to thank Hershey Kaci, Bosco and Bailey for the pawsome sled!*sorry mom got a little excited) sled-childhood days . And moving right along. Ahem...

Luigi and Smiley, thank you!

Abbie, Thank you

and The family of Hershey and Van Winkle Thank you.

and The family of WHISPER, MY PRECIOUS ANGEL, DIXIE, Sophie and Gizmo

Mom apologizes this diary is so late. All my love.


A Furtastic Day -take two

January 9th 2014 12:45 am
[ Leave A Comment ] I had a furtastic day . Thank you everyone. I received comments and rosettes and a big rossete!

I would like to thank Hershey Kaci, Bosco and Bailey for the pawsome sled!*sorry mom got a little excited) sled-childhood days . And moving right along. Ahem...

Luigi and Smiley, thank you!

Abbie, Thank you

and The family of Hershey and Van Winkle Thank you.

and The family of WHISPER, MY PRECIOUS ANGEL, DIXIE, Sophie and Gizmo

Mom apologizes this diary is so late. All my love.


Thank you PDPC

December 29th 2013 5:23 pm
[ Leave A Comment | 4 people already have ] Thank you for making me Royal member of the day. I am so honored.
And thank you Bailey for the beautiful picture.




December 29th 2013 5:07 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] We had Christmas this weekend cause of daddies work schedule. Oh my it was fun. We opened presents and played.(mom has pictures).

Dad made us a super special Christmas meal and we ate on mom's favorite Christmas plates. We had fish, and sweet potatoes. Boy oh boy was it good too. I also helped mom open her presents too but she didn't get anything I could play with.

till later,

Thank you !

December 14th 2013 4:08 pm
[ Leave A Comment | 2 people already have ] I received rosettes and ribbons today.
Thank you Hershey, Angel Bosco, Angel Bailey and sweet Kaci for the Green Emerald. And Sweet Hershey for the stocking. It is full of love(I peeked)!

Thank you Angel Whisper and Dixie, Sophie and Gizmo. love to you and Happy holidays!



The Grinch lives in Texas

December 10th 2013 6:36 pm
[ Leave A Comment | 6 people already have ] And tried to steal our Christmas!

Yes indeed, Mom's package from the post office that she did order all of sudden did not exist. they got so mad at her they told her to have the manager from the company call them. See first they said they had tried to deliver it but no one was home, wrong mom had been home all day AND watching the door. Then they told her they had it but it did not have our address on it.(how did they deliver that again)?

So the manager called the post office and then he called mom back. He said he got several stories and was sorry. They are in Nevada. He is resending everything via ups, NOT the postal office.

the moral is , for every Grinch ,there is an Angel!



And ma in her kerchief and I in my cap.........

December 5th 2013 11:13 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] Oh wrong story! Sorry about that. But it feels as cozy. Mom has the faux fireplace going. She brought blankets in the dining room for us to lay on. We have snacks and mom has our coats out for later and the lights have already tried to go out so mom has the flashlight and candles ready.

Now on Dasher ,on Dancer.... oh there I go again. Anyway I was thinking since I've been really good that they could make an extra trip and bring dad home safe?

Dad saw you snowflakes Aregon.(Thank you)

Oh pleeeaase don't tell mom about the Kerchief part.

wuvs and warmth to you all!

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Spunky , "The Kissing Monster

 A friend  shares his favorite  blanket while yours in the dryer  
                                                            A mom is love, mom means  staying up at night or cuddling- playing when she doesn't barely have her eyes open ,let alone  hasn't had her first cup of coffee yet.  A mom stands  for
Safety, which means  we can go to sleep and rest assured all will be right in the world when we wake
up. A mom  means we are on guard duty at a moments notice, day or night.
A mom means never having to say your sorry although we do.                                                A dad ties it all up like a bow  on a present with his love                                                                                                                                                                                                

                                                                Tigger and me  sleeping!

Monday, March 10, 2014

                                                             A   Spring like Day

The days of warmth and frolic are
drawing near if you live  in the country , you my even see a
We take walks in the sun and revel in the light ,but
alas these treats will wane  in less than a fortnight.
Texas weather is  odd to say the least but
we  assure you  it is the nature of the beast!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just one more picture before we go!
That snow flake taste good!
I'm practicing to prance like a Clydesdale so I can be in a commercial too!
Oh my we had so much fun today playing in the snow! It snowed about an inch or a little over today.
We slid and ran and jumped. mom had the camera out so we were showing off for her.

We had her out at a daybreak with us and we were out playing at least 7 times by 1 o clock.  Mom said we may be warm but her fingers  and nose were cold.  We ate up dinner good(plus we had snacks).   

Here are some pictures.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

                       Birthday to my good friend Hershey!  Happy, Happy day to you.  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Your weather forecast pup sez it is windy! And treats and warm blankets for everyfur!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All about Tigger ( This morning, anyway)

Mom pointed out that Tigger whom I affectionately refer to as my chasing toy.)(Which by the way he initiates) after a slap to my head! Oww,,,,(I over react to get sympathy) Then tears off down the hall or then I corner him and he hisses when he doesn't want to play anymore. Anyway the whole point is he needs a picture up here.
"Mom loves this picture although pink is not my color" You can quote me on that! xxoo, Tigger