Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Fun filled weekend (well almost all )

                  We watched mom mow after an early breakfast. We were totally ready for the super weekend. The sun was shining and it was not to cold or too hot.(I know, I know too much like Goldilocks)But it was   great. especially that Saturday morning.

                   The Grass was getting tall so mom decided to mow and we watched from our doghouse roof!
We love the smell of fresh grass then playing in it. Well its just a bonus.


                                                         Supervising is  fun!

                                                   Are you done yet mom? We want to play!

Mom  took us for many walks around here and never have been  scared of anything, but this weekend was  different.
There are 3 dogs that kill other dogs in the neighborhood but Animal control is not  doing ANYTHING about.

We had only seen one of the bully dogs to date and mom did not know there were 3, She does now.
The started following mom, yup, just popped out of nowhere ,all three this time.

These were the dogs that almost killed the neighbors dog, didn't  let loose till was went after with a shovel.

Mom blames the owners, not the dogs. Since mom does not want to keep denying us our walks  she will buy  pepper spray.