Friday, June 13, 2014

Protective birds

There are some birds nesting  in our trees now that mom could not get a picture of . They like  the shade and the big trees and the birdfeeder mom hung up(she keeps it well supplied)

They are usually such a tranquil  amusement but yesterday we were shocked! A cat went down the sidewalk, kitty central as we like to call it and  boom out of nowhere this bird came down and attacked it. Swooped right down and grabbed at the kitty's back  it did. It looked like he was trying to carry it off.

Well we had never seen anything like this and Tigger was  so sad for the kitty but the outside kitty just kept on walking . We look outside everyday ,it's kind of like t.v. in 3d,bol....

             Mom says the mama birds have nests and  they are protecting them.  We hope the baby birds will be alright.

That's it for now,
till later everybody!