Saturday, March 22, 2014

Our first part of the day today was at the nice vets office!

Mom doesn't have any pictures of today but is was fantastic. It started out getting up early and going to  the vet!  But I didn't get sick  because I wasn't as nervous in the car because Casper was with me.

He kept trying to get up in the seat with mom. I knew better. Then dad opened the sunroof! 

Anyways , back at the nice lady vet place. We were going to get our nails clipped(They do a much better job than mom) and quicker too!

We weigh both  about 49 pounds  each. All muscle. no fat. The vet said she couldn't believe how good I looked and how much fur had grown in.  She said the one spot on my back that is darker than the rest and not as much fur is a scar from when I had all the skin problems. But I'm looking good they said.
Mom was so proud. She told her about the diet I'm on(and Casper too) And The Topical flea medicine. The Vet was impressed . She also said I might have outgrown my breakout  period and I might ,just might have grown  enough older for it not to happen again. oh no more dips either.

Casper was gushed over too, they said his fur looked more like his daddies ,Aregon. And it was so soft they said keep up the good work to mom and dad. I am still on my antibiotics and my medicated baffs. I think I always will be. Mom will post our diet later.