Saturday, April 9, 2016

We have missed you all and had just a busy year so far!

Yes, that is me Cinnamon. My    condition has gotten worse and I don't always  have to wear this cone of shame but mom and dad   will make an appointment  for me at the new Vet. It is a skin condition, but I also pull out my hair.
I have a  baby shirt I wear underneath   my halter.   I also have a nervous habit. That is where the pulling of the hair comes in.

Anyway, I love to be held as mom  does things or sits, basically I love being pampered.
                                                   (what, what..... I'm up?!)

O...k. hey...    wow dozed off there for a bit. I am doing great.  I love playing with  my fur  family and
playing with mom.    Mom is feeling better too.   Oh I am 56.00 pounds now!!  The new vet  said yes I am the other breed  Blue Lacy. but also Pitt Bull.    I think I  am supposed to help represent the goodness of the breed.

Mom has used my shampoos(medicated on Cinnamon  it helps, but not all the time.)   The other vet said it's a condition he'll have for life. And he has Luxating Patella: A Knee Problem in Dogs .